Oware game for J2ME/Java ME/Mobile/Cell phones

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  • This is a free GPL game of Oware. The game program allows users to play on Java enabled cell phones (mobiles) (J2ME/JaveME/PhoneME). Oware is the national game of Ghana and is played in Ghana and other parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Also, called Ayo (Yoruba), Awale (Cote d'lvoire), Wari (Mali), Ouri, Ouril or Uril (Cape Verde), Warri (Caribbean), Adji (Ewe), Awele (Ga), Awari (English). Oware is one version of a Mancala game. Other Mancala games are played throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Oware is one of the Mancala games suitable to play by adults (in addition to children). Oware and other Mancala games help children learn basic math (adding/subtracting) skills. This project is in the alpha phase.


  • Automated tests of features
  • Finish allowing Oware to be played against Artificial Intelligence and another player.
  • Allow 2 players to play over automated Jabber or Bluetooth communication to allow people to play in different parts of the world or room in the case of Blutooth without passing the phone playing the game back and forth.
  • Development

    Currently, I'm using modified GPL code from other projects to develop this game: mobilesuite.sourceforge.net (implements Riversi an Italian game), http://oware.ivorycity.com/source/oware-1.0.10.tar.bz2 (this one is a Linux version using GTK for graphics and C/C++ for programming language). Also, I use some code from mobile-rss-reader at code.google.com. Also, if people want to help write or translate the program that would help. I have 2 versions. One for MIDP 1.0 (old phones). (Using MIDP 1.0 is an enhacement that I made to mobilesuite which did not support MIDP 1.0 games). Although the MIDP 1.0 version will run on all phones, given that it is written on MIDP 1.0, it does not allow screen sizes to be as large as the MIDP 2.0 version as it is not possible to do full screen mode with MIDP 2.0. Given that I hope that this program is used in the developing world, these users may have more older phones. Also, MIDP 2.0 for newer phones.